HVAC Maintenance in Las Vegas, NV & Surrounding Areas

HVAC maintenance is the best way to defend against repairs, maintain your manufacturers’ warranty and maximize the lifespan of your equipment. At KO Mechanical Services, we provide a broad range of maintenance services, repairs, and on-site mechanical system operations.

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Residential HVAC Maintenance in Las Vegas

Residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems perform best when they’re serviced twice annually—once in fall and spring before extreme temperatures arrive. Regular maintenance is critical for your unit’s performance and warranty, which is why we recommend a set-it-and-forget approach with KO Mechanical Services’ home energy improvement plan.

Customers in our maintenance program enjoy many benefits, including reminders when your system is due for service. Our NATE-certified technicians are trained to understand and assist our customers in diagnosing and determining the best response to our customers’ unique needs. They’re ready to handle most situations and also provide a broad range of maintenance services, repairs and on-site mechanical system operations. 

During the maintenance visit, a technician will inspect your system for debris, loose parts and damage that can impede its performance. They also remove dirt and grime that stress your system and cause it to die earlier than expected. Our technicians are able to provide support for the newest and established products from all vendors in the industry.

Benefits of Heating and AC Maintenance Services

Did you know that your HVAC equipment’s efficiency declines with every year of operation? Reduced efficiency translates to higher utility costs and stress on your system, but can be minimized with routine maintenance. KO Mechanical Services can help you keep efficiency high and costs low, plus maintenance delivers the following benefits:

  • Maximizes equipment’s lifespan
  • Reduces carbon output
  • Healthier indoor air quality
  • Most cost-effective performance
  • Reduced need for repairs
  • Peace of mind so you can focus on what matters most

Get the Best of Both Worlds–Comfort and Savings

At the end of the day, it’s more economical to maintain your HVAC equipment than it is to repair or replace it. Routine HVAC tune-ups are essential to preventing breakdowns, most of which are caused by a lack of upkeep. Our technicians check dozens of HVAC points during each maintenance call, including your thermostat, bearings, condensate drain, condenser coils, refrigerant levels, ductwork, electrical connections and fan blades.

After each inspection, we’ll provide you with a written assessment of your HVAC equipment’s health and make key recommendations to maintain its performance. We’ll also clean the coils, remove debris, flush the condensate drain and complete other routine tasks during the visit. If your HVAC system hasn’t been serviced in the last six months or you’d like to learn more about our maintenance offerings, contact us today.

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