When winter comes to Las Vegas, Nevada, it can get pretty chilly outside, which means it’s time to crank up the furnace. If you turn on your furnace and it starts making noises, there could be a problem. Here are a few reasons why your furnace is making strange noises:

Gaps in the Ductwork

If you have an older HVAC system, your ductwork could be deteriorating, causing leaks and a faulty connection with the furnace, not to mention higher energy bills. The air escaping from these leaks often causes a whistling sound. Air duct leaks can be detected during a routine maintenance inspection and repaired before they become a bigger problem.

Broken Blower Wheel

If your furnace has a broken blower wheel, you’ll know immediately by the horrible grinding sound of metal scraping against metal. When you hear this noise, you should turn the furnace off before it damages other furnace components. An HVAC professional can easily replace the broken furnace wheel and get your furnace up and running in no time.

Dirty Burner

A dirty burner inside your furnace can cause an ignition delay, allowing gas to build up before it finally ignites in a small explosion. You’ll hear booming and banging noises as a result. This is an issue that should only be repaired by a qualified HVAC professional. You can prevent dirty burners by scheduling a routine inspection. An HVAC expert will clean the burners.

Cracked Heat Exchanger

Constant heating and cooling will eventually cause cracks in your furnace’s heat exchanger. These cracks will make clicking noises. If you hear clicking noises when your furnace is running, contact an HVAC professional and immediately exit the house. These cracks can allow carbon monoxide to escape into your home.

At KO Mechanical Services, our team of professionals is here to address your furnace issues. Call us today to schedule preventive maintenance or furnace repairs.

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