Smart thermostats are the future of Las Vegas homes. Here’s what they can do for you:

1. They Save Money

A smart thermostat could save you up to 15 percent on heating and cooling costs. The savings could be as much as $180 per year. Many homeowners recoup their installation costs within one or two years.

2. They Maintain Indoor Comfort

Smart thermostats detect hot and cold spots and other unwanted temperature variations in your home. These devices use sensors to gather data, and they adjust indoor conditions according to the information they receive. They even know if you and your family are there. A smart thermostat can reduce heating or cooling output when you leave home and increase output when you head back.

3. They Communicate

Adaptive thermostats tell you when to schedule maintenance and whether you need a filter change. They’ll tell you in real-time if you need HVAC repair. These devices generate weekly and monthly reports to help you reduce energy usage. Certain models even monitor IAQ and tell you if your indoor air needs help.

4. They Have Bells and Whistles

Some thermostats will let you override your heat pump’s emergency backup heating system. Others have voice technology that lets you ask your virtual assistant to adjust the thermostat for you.

5. They’re Self-Programming

Wi-Fi thermostats are programmable. However, you must program them yourself. If they’re not properly programmed, you’ll miss out on the energy savings they can deliver. Instead of relying on programming, intelligent thermostats create your preferred indoor environment simply by observing your behavior with the thermostat.

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