Well-maintained heat pumps in Las Vegas homes are reliable and efficient systems. However, if an issue develops, don’t let it get any worse. Here’s when you should call your local HVAC company for a heat pump repair:

1. Frequent Cycling

Heat pumps should not turn on and off continually. They should only stay on for as long as it takes to achieve the desired thermostat setting. Heat pumps perform double duty, so they experience more wear and tear than air conditioners and furnaces. If your heat pump is constantly short cycling, it can get damaged in a hurry.

2. Icy Buildup

Icy buildup is normal for heat pumps. They go into defrost mode about 90 minutes after icing up. However, the situations below are not normal:

  • The heat pump doesn’t defrost after 90 minutes.
  • The heat pump defrosts and then ices up again.
  • The heat pump defrosts, but the emergency heating function isn’t working.

3. Bad Reversing Valve

The reversing valve of a heat pump is what enables the unit to heat and cool your home. If the unit gets stuck in either mode, the reversing valve has probably gone bad.

4. Insufficient Heating and Cooling

Is your airflow strong, but your heat pump isn’t keeping you comfortable? You may have a refrigerant leak. As the refrigerant level diminishes, the unit will lose its ability to heat or cool your home. All the refrigerant will eventually leak out, and the system will shut down. Insufficient heating or cooling could also be caused by a faulty motor or a bad compressor.

As part of our heat pump services, the specialists at KO Mechanical Services will help you troubleshoot your system over the phone at no cost to you. Call us at (702) 827-5875 to learn more about our heat pump repair services.

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