Would you like to reduce heating and cooling costs while enjoying greater comfort in your Summerlin, NV, home? HVAC maintenance offers that and more. Here’s why seasonal tune-ups are an investment that pays dividends:

1. Maximizes Energy Efficiency

Efficient operation is the key to lower HVAC operating costs. Because seasonal tune-ups maximize efficiency, they can slash energy costs by up to 40 percent. After a full season of heating or cooling, your system acquires a grubby film that slows down performance and impedes efficiency. HVAC tune-ups include a deep equipment cleaning that prepares your system for high-efficiency operation. The result is lower utility bills and enhanced indoor comfort.

2. Prevents Most Equipment Breakdowns

Industry research and HVAC contractors alike agree that HVAC maintenance can reduce breakdowns and associated HVAC repair costs by up to 95 percent. A professional service technician will examine your system to detect mechanical threats like worn belts and parts that are going bad. Early intervention can solve problems before they happen. That saves you money, time and aggravation. Not only will you have fewer repairs, but any repairs that you do have will cost you less.

3. Extends HVAC Service Life

Operating a dirty HVAC system subjects the unit to excessive wear and tear while increasing the potential for breakdowns. Dirty filters make matters worse. The constant stress and strain of pushing treated air through dirty equipment makes the system guzzle energy and pumps up utility bills. Over time, the system’s service life is shortened, and you’ll probably need premature HVAC replacement. A system that could last for up to 25 years with proper maintenance might only last half as long.

HVAC tune-ups performed by KO Mechanical Services help your HVAC perform optimally, efficiently and dependably. Call us today to learn more. One of our service technicians will set up an appointment that’s convenient for you.

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