If the heating and cooling costs for your Las Vegas home are eating up too much of your money, a programmable thermostat could be a wise solution. Programmable thermostats allow you to take advantage of energy savings by automatically adjusting the temperature while you are away from home or asleep. By optimizing the temperature in your home while you are out, you can save money without impacting your comfort.

Avoid Cooling an Empty House

If you have a regular schedule for work, school, or other activities, program your thermostat to account for the hours you are typically away from home. Allowing the temperature in your home to go up by 7 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit for the mornings and afternoons you are out of the house in the summer could significantly lower your electricity bills, explains the Department of Energy. If you will be gone for several days, use the thermostat’s vacation setting.

Update the Temperature for Your Sleeping Hours

Most thermostats have at least four time periods for each day. You can customize the temperature for each time period. Making energy-saving adjustments to your thermostat for the hours that you are asleep each night could lower your annual cooling and heating costs by as much as $180 per year.

Adjust the Settings for Each Season

Pair your heating and cooling system with your home’s ceiling fans, and adjust both of their settings for each season. In the summertime while you’re home, increase the temperature on the thermostat by two degrees Fahrenheit and turn the ceiling fan on in a clockwise direction. In the winter, drop the temperature by five degrees Fahrenheit, and reverse the ceiling fan’s direction. Doing these things could lower your home’s cooling and heating costs by about $45 per year.

For more information about how a programmable thermostat can save energy and lower your home’s heating and cooling costs, check out KO Mechanical Services’ heating and air conditioning services or call today.

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